Monday, February 1, 2010

Diss Me Not

Fw: Constitutional case/charter application to stop high tech assault

Sent: Mon, February 1, 2010 3:58:47 PM

Subject: Constitutional case/charter application to stop high tech assault

situation under U.S. cia so called anti terrorist projekts is a situation of detention and I am being denied a lawyer and habeus corpus; other services available as a right under the Charter. Detention is a jail of sound and stalking with brutal torture.

So called chains of love in this case are the logistics: gps sound stalking; locator stalking and security system "corporal punishment" if lucky/capital punishment if the camera film is spliced.

This constitutes cruel and unusual punishment since I am not allowed by a change in nomenclature and as a consequence of the torture: a criminalizatioin because of vulnerability due to handicap, to access services and rights.

I was not informed of my offenses or given an opportunity to defend myself in a court of law eg. my evidence was stolen in a contrived housing dispute. I am extremely weak from the torture, maiming and constant threats but because the business assoc. involved intend to protect their "leverage" I am not able to obtain expert witnesses or cooperation.

Are you interested in attempting a Charter defense?


Janine A.F.Sakowicz

I have attempted several versionis to describe the horrible events and need a no contact ordcer to protect myself from further disregard of my humanity.